Welcome to the official website of the Nigerian musician ‘Oyeyemi Akinsola’ popularly known as Sweet-Melody. He is the music producer of the award-winning breakfast show tagged ‘Owurolawa’ in Lagos Television and the CEO of Zodmox Media.
He is a worship leader and the president of Sweet Melody Organization in Lagos

Our millennial goal is to reach out and feed the poor with food and music wining their souls for the kingdom.

Money made on CDs sold are for feeding the poor in villages, tract publication and Gospel propagation.

See how you can be a part in the SPREAD JESUS PROJECT below.

Share Jesus project
We produce music and sell them to feed the poor
We Print tract and share it with people.
We involve family and friends to support the project
Poverty is reduced and souls are won to the kingdom.
God bless us and also enlarge our supporters
Please, Join me to feed the poor
How to support
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